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Time for action - importing a texture to scale
1. Open up SketchUp and go to Window ¦ Preferences , then select the Template opion.
2. Select Engineering - Meters and click on Start using SketchUp .
3. You can now see the main SketchUp window. You can use the person displayed in
the main window to help you visualize scale. Leave her there for the moment.
4. For this first tutorial, you will also need the Views and View Styles menu bars, so go
to View ¦ Toolbars and make sure Views and Styles are checked in the list.
5. You can drag these toolbars where you wish. When you drag them onto the side or
top of the SketchUp window, they will dock and stay there.
6. Alternaively you can access them via menus by selecing View ¦ Face Style and
Camera ¦ Standard Views .
7. Go to File ¦ Import and select your texture, pallet_wood_1024.tga . Check Use
as Image and click on Open.
8. Move the cursor unil it snaps to the origin. It will display the text Origin as you can
see next.
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