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Wooden Pallet: Modeling
Didn't you just love the summer holidays as a kid? Didn't they just stretch out in front of
you like an eternity full of promise? Not so much for your mom or dad, though. Well, I
think my mom must have goten fed up of me ater one week because she checked me into
a summer acivity school. I wasn't happy, I can tell you… unil I got there. The supervisor
opened a door into the largest junkyard I had ever seen, only this one didn't have cars,
but wood. Everywhere you looked kids had been let loose and were building dens,
climbing frames, towers, go-carts , you name it. The supervisor gestured towards a set of
woodworking benches and beside them there were racks and racks of hammers, saws,
chisels, planes, files, and many more items. "Help yourself," he said, "and you'll need plenty
of these," as he shoved a huge in of nails into my small hands. I think I was only six, but I
didn't noice my mom leave.
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