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What just happened?
You've saved your master project as a GIMP XCF file which you will be able to alter again
later if you wish. You've latened the image to get rid of the individual layers, and saved the
file twice as a simple flat image in Targa ( .tga ) format. These are the textures you will use,
they and won't be altered again.
You can find the finished GIMP project and final texture in the
download pack labelled Chapter3_pallet_texture.xcf and
PalletWood_1024.tga .
In this chapter, you have learned all about texture creaion staring from a base photo, and
how to work on it in GIMP to produce a game-ready master texture. Along the way, you
learned about image formats, pixels, useful GIMP funcions, ilters, and lots more. We'll
coninue the tutorial in Chapter 4 , Wooden Pallet: Modeling , where you'll learn to model the
asset from your texture.
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