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Click on the Text Tool and click in some spare space at the botom right of your
image. Type in your text. Change text size as required using the Size field, as you
can see in the following screenshot.
6. Click the Colour field and select the white color.
7. Stretch the text box to fit the space you have available, as visible in the screenshot.
8. Your texture project is now finished. Click on File ¦ Save.
9. Now it's ime to save several sizes to use in your SketchUp model. Go to Image ¦
Flaten Image.
10. Select File ¦ Save As . Navigate to the folder you named Textures .
11. In the Name field, type in pallet_wood_1024.tga and click on Save.
12. Select Origin ¦ Botom Let.
13. Now resize your texture to 512x512 pixels as you did before. Save this as pallet_
wood_512.tga .
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