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21. You should have something like this for your finished texture:
Have a go hero
Now it's your turn to repeat these steps a few imes and complete the texture set. Go back
to your wood ends project and click on the Undo tab of the Layers, Channels, Paths, and
Undo pallets. Here, you have a list of acions you performed with the image. Go to the top
of the list and select the item named Base Image which will return the project back to the
original image. You can now repeat the steps above a few other imes to create two more
wood ends, and paste them into the main project.
Saving textures
When you are done, save the finished project as a GIMP XCF image as before. This retains
all the diferent layers so that you can work on them some ime later if you need to. You
are now also going to create a few versions of the texture to use on your SketchUp model.
These can be in TGA , TIF, or BMP format.
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