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14. Go to Select ¦ All and then Edit ¦ Copy .
15. Switch to your original pallet texture project, or open it in GIMP.
16. Go to Edit ¦ Paste . The wood end texture will appear over the top of the
pallet texture.
17. Make sure the Layers , Channels , Paths , Undo pallet is visible. If not, you can
open it using the Windows menu. You can see what it looks like below.
18. Right-click your mouse on the part that says Floaing Selecion and select New
Layer (or alternaively select Layer ¦ New Layer from the main Layer menu).
This ixes your new texture to a new layer, disinct from the pallet texture.
19. Using the Move Tool, click and drag the mouse to place the new texture under
the pallet texture.
Now that you have a new layer with the wood end texture on it, anything you
do in GIMP will only affect that Layer. Layers can be thought of sheets of clear
plasic, one on top of another. You can control which Layer you're working on by
selecing the Layer you want in the Layers Pallet .
20. Noice that the color of the wood is diferent from the pallet texture. This will make
your model look wrong. You can remedy this by either going to Colour ¦ Auto ¦
White Balance or for a more controlled effect, go to Colour ¦ Hue-Saturaion and
alter the Saturaion value.
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