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7. You need to stretch the wood end so that all the sides and corners line up with
the horizontal and verical guides. To do this, select the Perspecive Tool.
8. Click near a corner and hold the mouse buton down. Drag to change the shape
of the image. You can see this being done at the botom right-hand side of the
next screenshot.
9. This way, it's a simple task to go around each corner and stretch the wood end
to fit squarely into the guides you've created.
10. You can take as long as you like over this, because the actual image doesn't
changed unil you click on: .
11. When you have finished, click on the Transform buton in the Perspecive part of
the Toolbox window, and then use the Crop Tool like before to crop the image to
the guides.
12. Go to Image ¦ Scale Image and resize using Width of 256 pixels.
13. Go to Filters ¦ Enhance ¦ Unsharp Mask to sharpen the grain. You already know
how to do this from the previous example.
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