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Time for action - arranging multiple textures
You may have noiced that you have a clear space at the botom of your texture. This is
where you're now going to arrange some more textures, namely the wood ends of the pallet.
The reasons for puing them on the same texture are:
• Ease of use when modeling
• Economical on file size (using all of the memory block allocated to the texture)
• Beter in game graphics performance
• You don't need to work on muliple iles when resizing or changing color or shade
• Easier to bundle with the asset
I'm sure there are many more you can think of too. If nothing else, this keeps everything
neat and idy. If you end up with a game level with 500 assets in it, do you prefer 500
textures to go with it, or 5000? Things can get messy very quickly. So, on behalf of your
future employer, I counsel you to texture in this way! Here's an example from the Bootcamp
Demo level-bundled with Unity 3D. It's a 1024x1024 size image, and as you can see, every
available space is used so that every bit of the allocated texture memory block is used too.
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