Game Development Reference
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10. Click on the Scale buton.
11. To change the zoom, change the value in the small box located at the botom of the
main window. Try seing it to 100% . You have now zoomed in to the highest level of
detail contained in this image.
12. Go to Filters ¦ Enhance ¦ Unsharp Mask . Click on OK to use the default seings.
13. Go to File ¦ Undo and File ¦ Redo to look at the difference before and after using
this filter.
14. Go to Image ¦ Canvas Size .
15. Click the chain icon at the side of the Width and Height fields. Type in 1024 in the
Height field.
16. Click on Centre . Noice the preview image of the pallet moves to the center of the
canvas? Now type in 0 into the Y field to move the pallet to the top of the canvas.
17. Click on Resize .
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