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4. As you can see, the texture does not need any more straightening. You have now set
up four rulers which you can work with. Click on the Crop Tool in the main tool pallet.
5. Click on the botom let-hand side corner where the guides cross, and then drag to
the top right-hand side. Hit Enter to crop the image.
Now to enhance the colors. Go to Colours ¦ Auto ¦ White Balance .
You can try any of the opions in the Auto menu to enhance the
contrast or color quality in your image. Some will work beter than
others depending on the image you're ediing.
Go to Image ¦ Scale Image .
Type 1024 into the Width box. The Height ield updates automaically.
Select Sinc (Lanczos3) in the box marked Interpolaion .
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