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What just happened
You now have two high-resoluion textures in your Pallet folder. These are base textures that
you will use to create the textures that will adorn your model. Base textures are never used as
they are without modiicaion. You irst need to ready them for game use. This will include:
1. Enhancing tone, brightness, and white balance
2. Running filters to sharpen the focus
3. Cropping, straightening, and resizing
4. Compressing and saving in the correct file format
This might seem like a lot to do just for a game texture, but bear in mind the usefulness of
an asset is 90% down to the texturing. If you get this part right, you're seing yourself up for
success. Besides it's actually really quick and easy, as you'll now see.
Enhancing textures
You're now going to make game-ready textures using GIMP.
Open GIMP and go to File ¦ Open.
Select the Cargo0070 image and open it.
Take a look at the image and think about the four processes that you just read about. Which
ones do you think need to be done, and in what order? Let's go through the whole thing and
then see at the end why we did it this way.
Time for action - cropping and enhancing
1. The pallet looks quite square already. Click on the ruler at the left-hand side of
the image, hold down the let mouse buton as you do so, and move the mouse
to the right.
2. This sets up a verical ruler guide. You can move this unil it's at the let-hand side
edge of the pallet. As you can see, it's completely horizontal.
Do the same with the right-hand side edge, and then use the horizontal ruler at the
top of the image to set up the horizontal guides at the top and botom edges. See
the result in the next image.
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