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To install GIMP go to and click on the download
link. The Windows installer should be at the top of the list. For the MAC version
click on show other downloads and scroll down to GIMP for Mac OS X .
Now it's ime to check you've not been napping through this whole chapter, with a quick quiz.
Pop quiz - tools you'll need for asset creation
1. Name three asset marketplaces on the Internet.
2. What assets tend to sell best on these internet marketplaces?
3. Do game assets look detailed when you view them close up, or are they
beter when viewed from a distance?
4. What's the name given to the geometry that makes up a 3D asset?
5. True or false: I need to design assets with a lot of polygons in order to get
smooth surfaces?
6. True or false: Tools that are free on the internet aren't of sufficient quality
to use in your asset creaion worklow?
If you need any help on these quesions, quickly review the chapter before moving on. This
chapter forms the basis of the tutorials in the rest of the topic. Each chapter that follows
builds on the previous ones unil you have achieved a funcioning game level complete with
all its contents.
We're just about done with chapter, as well as downloading great software, what
else have we learned?
• How to research exising assets to ind out what sells well.
• Beginning your personal textures database
• What meshes, polygons, faces, and smoothing mean to you.
• Installing a professional game development environment
• How 2D and 3D assets are constructed.
In the next chapter, you will get started making your first asset in SketchUp—a textured
wooden pallet. You will learn lots of SketchUp's funcions along the way. You will then
import it to Unity to see how it looks in a game environment!
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