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Six hundred addiional textures will automaically install for you to use in your game assets
and levels! You can access them in the Materials pallet as you can see here.
GIMP: The free professional graphics editor
Much of the asset creaion process involves manipulaion of images, textures and photos,
so you need a professional-level image editor. GIMP is an open source graphics editor which
in the past was based mostly on Adobe Photoshop. That means if you've done graphics work
before in Photoshop, you should be able to recognize most of the funcions in GIMP. The
reason we're using GIMP in this topic is that not everyone has access to Photoshop, which is a
costly piece of software, and lower cost versions such as Photoshop Elements just don't have
the funcions required to do asset creaion. If you have Photoshop installed, you can use that
instead without too much diiculty, as Photoshop has all the funcions of GIMP and more.
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