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• Is the efect beter when you see it from a distance?
As with any discipline, the more thoroughly you invesigate what's already been done
before, the beter you will be at creaing your own.
Google SketchUp
This one needs no introducion, and I'm going to assume you've already got SketchUp
installed on your system because installaion is straighforward. Instead, I'll use the space
allocated to SketchUp installaion telling you about the extra texture pack you can have that
will enhance SketchUp even more.
Here's how to find and install the extra textures provided by Google.
Enhanced texture packs
Once you have SketchUp or SketchUp Pro installed, go to
com/intl/en/download/bonuspacks6.html and click on the download link for
Windows or Mac. Run the ile and follow the instrucions.
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