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Have a go hero - investigating the Unity sample assets
Now it's your turn to really begin focusing in on what assets are, what they're made from,
and how they can be used efecively in game levels. Find the Bootcamp demo folder on
your computer (you noted where it was when you typed in the MyBootcamp filename) and
double-click on the game you compiled and played just now. You can keep returning to this
to study how the Unity teams have put their level together, without having to compile and
run from within Unity each ime. From within the game, hit Escape. Go to Graphics and
change Graphics Quality to Fantasic . Do you noice the diference compared to before?
Use the arrow keys to walk over to each asset. Use your mouse to orbit around and get a
close-up look all the way around each asset you ind. Now answer these quesions:
• How would I go about modeling this asset?
• Is it made up of lat or solid geometry?
• If solid, how many faces (polygons) does it have?
• If flat, is it crisp or fuzzy up close?
• Does the whole asset have separate component parts?
• How detailed is it really when you look up close?
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