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The reason you need Middleware is obvious, and the reason you need Unity 3D is that it
provides arguably the best and most well-supported free one out there. There are some
diferences between the free and pay-for versions which you can check out at htp://unity3d.
The pro games environment
What this means really is that you're going to learn how to develop levels and assets for a
true professional game environment. You will get an insight into how it all works if you were
to work for a software house. Of course, these skills will naturally set you in good stead for
all the less-demanding markets such as game-level modding. This is where you use simple
tools bundled with commercial games to alter parts of the game or add to it.
Let's download it and see what a saisfying mess we can make in the pro gaming arena.
Time for action - obtaining Unity 3D for free
1. Go to .
2. Click on the Download Unity Now link and follow the instrucions.
3. While you're downloading you will be presented with a page with more informaion
on it. Click on the Documentaion link.
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