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File formats
The ile format preferred by Unity 3D (see next secion) is FBX. SketchUp Pro exports in this
format, but doesn't import. Unfortunately MeshLab doesn't support it at all. Download the
FBX Converter from Autodesk by going to and enter bx
converter in the search box. Once you've installed this, you will be able to convert from 3DS,
OBJ, DAE, and DXF to FBX format, and back again.
Get your game engine here: Unity 3D
Unity 3D has won the Wall Street Journal 2010 Technology Innovaion Award in the sotware
category, and Unity Technologies was named one of Gamasutra's "Top 5 Game Companies of
2009." Why? Because it's good.
What's Unity, and why's it free? Moreover, what do I need it for?
Unity 3D is a Game development environment and Game Engine , technical term
Middleware . Middleware is the software that game developers use to build their games on.
It might surprise you to know that they rarely code a game from the ground up. They use
Middleware, which is a combinaion of 3D rendering, Physics, sound, animaion, ariicial
intelligence engines, and more. The game developers use this software and then pay the
Middleware developers to allow them to ship their game with it. It runs in the background
making all the bits and pieces work.
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