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8. As you can see, the ducky isn't so messy after all.
What just happened?
You installed MeshLab and took it for a brief test drive. You discovered that all 3D objects
are made up of meshes. A mesh is made up of lines, making triangles. Whenever there is
a triangle SketchUp and other 3D software create a surface, called a Polygon . The duck is
made up of many polygons, and when we view it just like that all we see is a bunch of flat
surfaces, which is of course what polygons are. MeshLab and other 3D software, such as
rendering sotware, or gaming sotware, such as Unity 3D (see next secion), will blend these
polygons together to create a nice smooth surface.
Moving around in 3D
MeshLab can also teach you how to move around when modeling in 3D. Have you noiced
the three rings round the duck? That's to help you see how to rotate in 3D. It represents a ball
encompassing your model. Move your cursor over it now, let click, and hold the mouse buton.
Now, move left to right, up and down. As long as you remember this imaginary ball, you can
visualize how to orbit your model in 3D space. It's as if the ball is fixed in the middle, and you're
turning it by moving your hand over the surface like you would when spinning a globe.
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