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Press the Flat Lines view style buton now.
5. You'll noice there's a line patern on the duck. He now looks even worse than
before! This view looks a litle like a SketchUp model with Hidden Geometry
switched on. SketchUp modelers also panic when they see lines in SketchUp because
they think models should look smooth, textured, and fantasic right away. Some
people stop trying 3D because they think there's something the professionals do
that they can't do, and give up. They don't realize these lines and polygons are good.
6. Why do you think MeshLab is called MeshLab ? It's because all 3D models are made
from a mesh. In fact, any shape in the world can be defined by a mesh. It's like
taking some chicken mesh and pressing it over an object. If you then fill in all the
gaps with plane surfaces, this is what you get. When you draw anything in SketchUp
you are drawing a mesh, and when SketchUp detects a space with mesh round it, it
automaically ills it in to create a surface. This surface is called a polygon .
7. Now for the wow factor. Go to the next buton ( Smooth ) and press it.
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