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Time for action - learning about 3D meshes in MeshLab
Let's have a walk around MeshLab and learn some things about how assets are made up
along the way. This will also help you to understand SketchUp beter.
1. You don't have a SketchUp file to import yet, so go to the samples folder and open
the duck_triangulate.dae file.
2. Your screen should look like the following. You'll learn what the individual butons
do as you progress through the topic, and we'll only cover the stuf you really need.
3. Here's the quintessenial rubber ducky. You'll noice he looks as if he has been
chiselled out roughly from stone. SketchUp modelers panic when they see this
because they think everything needs to be smooth. What you are in fact seeing is
polygons, and they're a good thing.
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