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That is possibly the most important advice you can have as an asset creator. The reason
you really need to do this yourself, rather than relying on a texture store, is that you can
get textures and object photos at the same ime. For the wooden pallet you'll be modeling
in Chapter 3 , Wooden Pallet: Texture Creaion , you will need photos to create the textures,
but also photos that show you how the object goes together. In fact, with SketchUp you can
easily cheat and use the object photo as the texture photo too, using the great PhotoMatch
tool you'll learn about in Chapter 6 , Imporing to a Professional Game Applicaion: Unity 3D .
Here, you'll learn how to directly create textures onto a model from a photo!
The word texture is really defined as the surface quality of an object. In
computer graphics, the term has come loosely to mean any image or graphic
that is put onto a 3D surface. We'll be coming across textures a lot more in
this topic.
Signing up to is one of the best texture libraries available online. If you don't already have
an account, go sign up for one today. First, it's completely free unil you start using a serious
amount of textures. Second, it's affordable when you need to upgrade to a full account.
Finally, I'm going to use textures from the site in our tutorials, so you'll be able to download
the same ones too.
Working this way in our tutorials ensures that you're developing all the skills that you need
to create assets. That includes searching for and evaluaing textured images. Nothing should
be handed to you on a plate, because that's not how it works in the industry.
So, here we go!
1. Go to .
2. Go to Members ¦ Free Account .
3. Fill in the form and click on register .
4. You'll need to wait for a conirmaion e-mail.
5. Go to Members ¦ Login and use your new username and password
to log in to the website.
6. You can now use the search box on the left-hand side to find what
you want, or browse the library using the list of categories.
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