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• High-selling assets that are poorly modeled. In other words, you can model
a beter one and get the sales!
• Areas that you're paricularly interested in.
Choose your niche
Don't just look for the highest selling models, but also for what
will sell the best for you .
Just to get you going, try this:
1. Go to and search for 3d game asset store or similar.
Start your research from there. You will no doubt encounter the Unity Asset Store
which is accessed from within Unity. You can look at that one later on when you've
installed Unity 3D . For now, try some others, like these:
2. Try to find the detailed search or equivalent on each of these sites (there always
is one).
3. Type in the search area you're interested in, hit enter , and then order the search
by popularity.
4. Add in the term "game ready" to your search to see if there's a category of assets
devoted to games only.
5. Note down the differences between the game-ready and non-game ready assets.
Now, do the same sort of research you did in the 3D Warehouse, for each of the websites
you find.
Your best CG textures source
Remember what the two most important things to consider are when creaing game assets?
It was in the quiz at the end of chapter 1 . Good assets rely on good textures. The primary
advice I can give here is to go and get a good compact camera and take texture photos
wherever you go.
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