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12. Click on the graph icon.
13. You can now see how many views per day this model has had. This is a phenomenal
number, but only the most popular get this much atenion. In Chapter 9 , The Main
Building—Inside and Out, you will learn how to model a car as good as this.
What just happened?
You used 3D Warehouse to start your asset research: what's popular and what's not. You also
found out how to view staisics and create custom searches for content.
Now, it's ime to increase your feel for the asset marketplace. This ime you'll look only at
game assets.
Have a go hero - research the game asset marketplace
It's your turn to see what you can find out. There are a number of game asset marketplaces
on the Internet. Look up a few of these and use their search funcions
to see what sells the most. You're most interested in high or medium-selling assets in
these categories:
• High-selling, but easy to create.
• Assets that have no direct compeiion. If almost no one is selling this paricular
thing and there's a need for it, people will go for yours.
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