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Did you ever dream as a kid that you'd stumble across a house made enirely of sweets and
cake? You ate some of the door as you walked in, broke of bits of the table to shove in your
bulging pockets, then you woke up and your wicked step mom told you that places like that
didn't exist.
She was wrong! They do exist, and they are a lot bigger and beter than you ever dreamt of
as a child. Where is it? Down the phone line from your computer. It's the Internet. Just like
the wicked witch in the story of Hansel and Gretel, the software companies that populate the
Internet feel that giving away things for free is the only way to get customers to drop by. This
actually encourages their compeitors do the same, and in ime the giveaways become bigger
and beter. A good example is Google SketchUp. Google decided that in order to increase
the number of people worldwide creaing 3D building assets for Google Earth, it would
release the best asset creaion sotware ever for free. Now the best markeing company ever
is markeing the best asset modeling sotware ever and has linked it in to the biggest 3D
environment ever which, by the way, it has also released for free. It's best to not overthink
the possibiliies, rather jump in and start using it. And that's what we'll do.
3D Warehouse
Google's 3D Warehouse is the place where anyone can upload a 3D model for others to
download. It's like YouTube for 3D assets. It's worth familiarizing yourself with the 3D
Warehouse right at the start because you'll find it an integral part of your game-level
creaion process. Ater all, you don't need to make everything yourself, especially if there are
bags of good examples already out there. Next, looking at what other people have done well
(and badly) helps you to hone your skills. Finally, you need to get an idea of what's popular
and what's not if you are to sell your assets, and 3D Warehouse is a good place to do that
research because you can see a lot of usage staisics.
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