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In-game level design tools
Many games come bundled with a level or map editor. Some have gone so far as to release
the whole game development kit with the game, and you might be able to use this with
SketchUp as your asset modeling tool. Find a good example of this and sick with it for a
while. Learn the ins and outs of the game and the editor. Use the skills you learn in this topic
to create new game levels or customize the exising ones. If you are able to show that your
levels are downloaded and popular, this will be an excellent porfolio to use in approaching a
game company. Furthermore, the feedback you get from those playing your levels (good and
bad) will help you hone your skills like nothing else.
Modding assets
Even if your favorite game doesn't have a level editor bundled with it, you can sill make an
impact with your new asset creaion skills. Texture maps on your computer are usually saved
somewhere accessible to you, so at the least you can take these and modify them to your
own preferences. I once took great delight in mapping a photo of my own face on my gaming
character, then running around creaing mayhem.
What have I learned?
In this chapter, you have learned a litle about SketchUp and how it excels at game
asset modeling:
• The two most outstanding features of SketchUp
• SketchUp's limitaions for game asset modeling
• The convergence of gaming and film
• Introducion to selling assets
• How SketchUp is taking over from high-end applicaions like Maya and Max?
• Where to ind addiional help
In the next chapter, you will find out what software you need to make game level and asset
creaion a swit and easy process.
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