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Pop quiz
Here's a really quick quiz to get you into the Beginner's Guide way of learning.
1. What are the two most important requirements for asset creaion?
a. High polygon counts and high-resoluion texturing
b. High-level modeling and rendering tools
c. Fast modeling and fast texturing capabiliies
2. Can I sell the assets I created with SketchUp online?
No, the quality from SketchUp is too low
Absolutely, as long as I take the learning experience seriously
Yes, but I won't make much money
The envy of the gaming community: creating
custom levels
People all over the world play games. They've been doing it for ages. People always long
to play alongside other people, rather than on their own, and it's the same with computer
games. Virtual gaming worlds have sprung up with immense success. Games where teams
can work together or against human opponents, such as Second Life, World of Warcraft,
Halo, games where teams can work together, or against human opponents. Gaming brings
people together in virtual worlds who would never get to meet in person. Games cross the
boundaries of language and culture. When you start to take part in a community like, this
you start to gain approval. Ater a while this turns to kudos, then adoraion, and a following
can develop. In the end, you have your own fan base. I have seen this happen ime and again
for extra-helpful forum members, game level creators, or tutorial writers. This kind of kudos
can be the biggest reward available, much more saisfying than inancial rewards.
If thanks and kudos are what moivates you, you've come to the right place. With this topic,
you will be able to mod your favorite games. You will be able to create the new game levels
and release them for free to the community. You will be able to churn out detailed and
professional assets for your friends to use. Just remember one rule: Do it for free, and don't
be needy in your pursuit of praise. If you're good and you're consistent, it will come.
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