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Modeling people in 3D is just about the most difficult task you can undertake. It's best
left to an expert in any case, and probably best done in another modeling package rather
than SketchUp. But if despite this, you wish to have a go at making a human game asset
in SketchUp, there's always MakeHuman, a human maker that's free to download. Isn't
that convenient?
Time for action - making a human
Download and install the latest stable version of MakeHuman from .
You also need MeshLab which we discovered in Chapter 2 , Tools that Grow on Trees .
We haven't done what we would have liked with MeshLab in this topic because it's
"work in progress" software and didn't produce stable and repeatable results. Let's
have a look at it in the appendix, where it's safe to experiment!
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