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There you have it, a beauifully detailed model of the triumphal arch in Rome,
$10.95 and it's simply cannon fodder for SketchUp users. Now, that's at the cheap
end of the market because Cornucopia is used mostly by hobbyists. Shown next is
another model of the same monument, this ime, at the professional end of the scale
at .
This one's up at $100 for each and every download. A lot of money for an asset, you might
say? But if you scroll down you can see it's got 4 raings from customers, proving it's bagged
at least $400 for this asset creator, probably more. Now that's not bad for a few days'
modeling, is it? The model has been up since 2005 but it hasn't cost the creator a penny
to leave it there generaing currency for his or her holiday fund.
Yes, you can sell your assets created in SketchUp, if you follow this topic and put some efort
into your work.
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