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Time for action - ambient light
You already learned how to set up lights in Unity in Chapter 6 , Imporing to a professional
game applicaion: Unity 3D . That's the correct way of doing it for the most accuracy and
realism. In order to get started more quickly though, you can set the level of ambient light.
Ambient light is a term referring to the amount of light that's kind of just there. You don't see
where it's coming from, so it casts no shadows; it's prety boring, but it does the trick. Why
not use it now to get up and running, and add more realisic lighing when you get the ime?
1. Make sure you're in the Game tab.
2. Click on the Ambient light color bar. A color swatch appears as you can see in the
next screenshot.
3. Select the level and color of light. The level is controlled by how far up or down you
go. The color is selected by the bar on the right, and how far left to right you go.
4. If you want white light, just stay on the left and you'll be grand.
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