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Trees and foliage are usually created within the game development
environment, and Unity is no excepion. Read all about the Unity Tree
creator at
Components/class-Tree.html .
Time for action - enabling see-through materials (Alpha
Your fencing automaically shows correctly as a wire mesh in SketchUp. However, in Unity
this needs seing up:
In the Heirarchy tab, click the litle arrow next to Fencing , and then Fencing Let .
Select any of the fence components and select the mesh material as shown next:
Now, go to the Shader buton, click on it, and select Transparent ¦ Bumped Diffuse
or Transparent ¦ Cutout .
Your fence panels now look correct. Repeat this for any other fence panel textures.
What just happened?
You've told Unity that the Alpha channel saved with the texture should be used to clip the
texture. Now, go ahead and do the same with the Skyline texture.
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