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9. Your buildings will move into place.
10. Now, check that all textures have imported correctly. If you noice any see-through
faces, such as in the next image, that will be because these are back faces in SketchUp
(see Chapter 7 , Quick Standard Assets ). Go back into SketchUp and reverse these faces
before coninuing, and then re-import.
11. In SketchUp, select all the fence components, group them, and import them into
Unity (select "two-sided faces" in the Export opions this ime). Follow the steps
above to resize and put them in the right place.
12. Now, import one of each of your assets and place them somewhere in your
SketchUp level, then export to Unity. You should have one each of the following:
° Pallets
° Oil drums
° The wrench
° Cars
° Any addiional street furniture you've modeled or imported
The main building
Import any furniture and other items for the inside of the building
individually if the game requires them to move or be interacted with
(for example, opening doors).
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