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Have a go Hooligan
Can you see any large areas of brickwork? If this were your town, would it sill look this
clean? Empty spaces such as these are just inviing you to spray-paint your name and logo
all over them. If you've never been a hooligan before, now's the opportunity of a lifeime!
Find a surface and right-click, and then select Make Unique Texture . Use Edit Texture to
open it in GIMP—and let rip with the Air Brush tool!
Time for action - exporting buildings to Unity 3D
1. It's now ime to export to Unity. First open Unity and check what you already
have inside.
2. In SketchUp, select the buildings you just inserted. Now, group them and label
the group SU_Buildings .
3. Follow the steps in Chapter 5, Game Levels in SketchUp , to export this group to
your SketchUp4Games folder. Remember to select Export only current selecion .
4. When you switch to Unity, your buildings will load automaically, but they won't
be in the right place yet.
Using temporary 3D Warehouse assets in your games
Imporing these buildings to Unity may take a long ime if you used buildings
from the 3D Warehouse. That's because people uploading buildings to 3D
Warehouse aren't always thinking about low polygon modeling, using a single
texture, or other game asset performance issues. Don't worry about this.
Don't forget that at this stage it's all about geing a playable level into Unity
so that you can test it and decide what arisic or gameplay decisions to take
next. If and when you start to finalize your game, you will also wish to replace
these assets with ones you made yourself or other people's you fixed up
really well for game use (see Chapter 7 , Quick Standard Assets ).
Open the Project tab, and click on OuterBuildings . Select the Generate Colliders
check box and change Scale Factor to 1 .
Drag your new asset into the model window.
Your buildings will appear somewhere in your game level, but not necessarily
where you want them to be!
Next, select the group and type in 0 in each of the x, y, and z dimension boxes.
Hit Enter .
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