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Level-led design
Now we're geing somewhere. Ugly is (most of the ime) a rule, not an excepion. If you
want a realisic game world then you're going to have to embrace the concept of "ugly."
What this terrain is actually doing for us is forcing us to compromise on our neat design plan
and actually make it live. We are having to botch things up, make a compromise, and add in
ugly patchwork details, just as in real life. In fact, this is leading us down avenues that will
make the game beter—more real—without us even having to think too hard. The game level
is leading us to beter design. All we have to do is react to what it is asking of us.
Have a go hero - what would I do if I were an Architect?
Now's your chance to start experimening. Noice in the previous screenshot that there are
several doors, shuters, and metal textures already in the model. We can uilize these to our
advantage and just let the level lead us where it wants to go. Ask yourself, what would the
architect or builder do here? Noice the following things:
• The door is now inaccessible. How will people get to it?
• The walls are bare. What would a young person with plenty of ime on his/her
hands think about that situaion?
• What's behind the wall? Did the builder think about puing a basement or uility
room inside?
• Could the office workers be parking down there? If they could, do they need air or
are they just going to have to hold their breath? What about car fumes?
In asking yourself these quesions, you will come naturally to the answers. They don't have
to be the answers—just a bunch of answers. Then, go ahead and model it as if you were
building it. You can see my atempt when you open the model Chapter 9's Final.skp from
the download pack.
Time for action - digging out a terrain
When you created your terrain, you stamped rectangles onto it in case you wanted to
remove them later. Have a go at this now:
1. Select an area where you would like your buildings to be lower down—perhaps
you've placed buildings there and the area is just too hilly.
Go to View and select View Hidden Geometry .
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