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12. It looks truly awful as you can see here. But I can assure you, retaining walls are
more often than not awful in real life too!
What just happened?
Our level appears to be going from bad to worse. First, we had to half bury a building, and
now we're having to put it on top of a hideous wall! It's that blasted hilly terrain's fault.
There's nothing else for it. We're going to have to make the terrain nice and flat so that we
can coninue un-interrupted.
Not so fast! Let's think about this for a minute. If you were the architect of this building,
what would you do? Well, look at the thing, will you? It's a concrete monstrosity. No
architect went anywhere near that thing. It was put together after the 2nd world war when
uility was the order of the day. So, yes, it's ugly, but ask yourself this quesion: Is ugly an
excepion, or a rule?
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