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Time for action - setting up a playable game level layout
1. Using the terrain you have created or the one provided in the download pack, insert
your main building onto the flat plan above the terrain, right in the square you
allocated for it.
2. Now use File ¦ Import to bring in more of the contextual buildings you created in
Chapter 7 , Quick Standard Assets , once you have cleaned them up from the 3D
Warehouse, made them from photos or taken them from the download pack.
3. Place them where you want them in the level—but not on the terrain—on the flat
plan. You might get something like this:
Increasing computer speed
When you're dealing with a large number of models in one SketchUp scene
and you find that your computer system is slowing down, you can use the
monochrome view style to make everything faster. That's because SketchUp
doesn't have to worry about sending texture informaion to your screen, which
frees up your computer's memory.
When you're happy where everything is, move each building down onto the terrain
individually using Move and locking to the Blue axis as shown here.
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