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11. In SketchUp, import the texture of the building using the Import as Image seing,
and resize it with the Tape Measure Tool . The full width of the front of the building
should be about 20m.
12. Set the image upright and draw around the front of the building. Alternaively, draw
around it with the texture lying down, then put it upright afterwards.
13. Push / Pull the building unil it's 18m deep (you will adjust this with Push / Pull to fit
the side texture in Step 19 ).
14. Now explode the image. Use the Sample Paint tool to sample the image and paint it
onto the front face of the building.
15. Erase the rest of the image. You should have the following:
16. Place the botom let-hand side corner onto the Origin using the Move tool.
You can get this file from the download pack named Chapter8_
IndustrialBuilding_01.skp .
17. Texture the sides of your building by selecing your new material in the In Model tab
of the Materials pallet, and then paining it on the let-hand side.
18. Move and scale the texture as necessary from within the right-click menu.
19. Repeat with the opposite side. Push / Pull the back face of the building to fit the
texture if you need to.
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