Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
In this chapter, you will pracice:
• Texturing a building from photo materials
• Creaing a lifelike building from scratch
• Arranging all your assets into your completed game level in Unity
• Seing up ambient lighing, sky and fog.
• Adding a realisic city skyline as a distant backdrop
• Creaing an executable ile or web page for your completed game level
What you will have at the end of this chapter is a file that you can burn to disc, e-mail
around, or upload to the Web. A real 3D game anyone can play. That's the prize for you
at the end of my game level.
Creating the main building
This following figure is the main industrial building at the center of your game level. It's
simple and looks prety authenic. Before you ask—no, I didn't paint that sign—it's there
on the actual photo! Let's create the building now:
Time for action - clipping round textures
1. Just like before, let's find the textures we need on The one you
want is within Buildings ¦ Industrial .
Download the large one. Here it is:
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