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The Main Building - Inside and Out
After four days without food, water, sleep, or seeing another living soul, you're finally
nearing your mission's end. It has been a grueling challenge of survival. Your body is shaking
constantly. Your vision is blurred. Your eyes hurt and your head pounds. Your tongue sicks
to the roof of your mouth. Ahead, you can see a clearing. Something inside you makes you
certain this is what you have been searching for. You emerge from the undergrowth and
stumble towards the ramshackle building at the center of the clearing, prise the doors open
and look inside towards your prize, the end of your biter struggle, when…
"Honey, we're home. Where are you?"
There are footsteps on the stairs and your bedroom door flies open.
"It looks like you haven't moved from your bedroom for days! Have you been playing that
game again?"
In this chapter, you will be seing up the inal objecive. It's up to you what it is, but make it
good. Your game players will want something worth staying up all night for. Or all week. You
have to compete with food, sleep, and friends.
When you craft the climax to your game level only you can decide what it will be. It takes
imaginaion and skill, and these are two things this topic can only introduce you to! Crating
levels, designing exciing areas to explore, dreaming up arifacts to ind, and puzzles to solve
is what you will be doing from now on after you graduate from this Beginner's Guide. It's
almost ime to let you out into the wide, wild world of game asset and level design.
Before we part company, there's a couple of things we can sill do together. First, there's the
wrapping to the present that lies within the clearing. The building within which you will place
your final goal. Your goal can be a spaceship that the hero flies away in, or one that contains
a toxic alien. It can be a bunch of criminals sat around a card table that you have to take out
one by one. It can be a rare arifact you have to escape with using stealth tacics. Anything!
It's all up to you—now that you have the skills to accomplish it.
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