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Can I really become a professional in the game and film industry?
As you've already seen, there is enormous crossover between the two industries. In the
future, there will be no difference between the 3D assets used in the film and the game
spin-off. Gamers will walk around the same sets that were used in the film, simply because
the ilm sets will be enirely digital assets. This also means that the bar for entry into the
film industry is lowered significantly. If you are a skilful SketchUp asset creator, you will be
able to create a set for a fracion of the cost of the real thing. This means as long as you
can afford a couple of actors and a blue screen setup, you're well away to being an Indie
Film Director. Okay, that's simplifying it too much. It may take a larger team than just you
to create a full-length film, but there's no reason why you can't be a spoke in a bigger wheel,
or even the hub itself.
What's SketchUp really good at?
There are a mulitude of things that SketchUp is good at. In fact, there are a mulitude of
things SketchUp is world-class at, though there are only two things that it is so good at that
there's no direct compeiion.
There's also two things that are easily the most important consideraions when creaing
3D assets.
Not surprisingly, these two things coincide with game asset design.
• Fast modeling of simple 3D geometry
• Fast texturing of simple 3D geometry
Leaving everything else aside, if you concentrate on these two you will win with asset
creaion. This is why you should use SketchUp, and why it is ludicrous to use Max or Maya
which are designed to be used for all sorts of other things too. They're a jack of all trades,
masters of none. SketchUp is a master of these two atributes, which are most necessary to
asset creaion.
How will this topic help?
I've writen this topic honestly. I've kept my feet on the ground. That's what will help you
where other books have failed you. I must confess that I've leafed through a lot of books
on 3D modeling over the years and I have been absolutely disgusted with the dishonesty
of those authors. I mean, you pick up a book with the promise on the cover that goes
something like "Master complete igure modeling and rigging" backed up by a beauifully
textured and rendered igure on the cover. When you get the topic home and labor over it
for a couple of hours, you realize that the only way of creaing that igure on the cover is by
loading the example iles from the atached CD.
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