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Of course, for a really stunning vehicle you also need to model the interior and the occupant,
but those are a topic for another book. Who knows, now you've caught the SketchUp bug,
maybe you'll end up wriing it.
In this chapter, you learned how to:
• Model from orthographic 2D drawings
• Create a quick approximate form by intersecing three views
• Start reining the model by moving geometry one axis at a ime
• Apply photo textures to your orthographic views for automaic projecion
onto your car model
• Layer up photos to get rid of camera depth of field
• Fill in the texturing gaps with Blend layers
...and lots more. In the end you were left with a car. You showed it to your mom, and this
ime she said…
"You did that? I don't believe it!"
Your feeling of self-worth was restored and you both lived happily ever after. The End.
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