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10. Load it into SketchUp to see what the car looks like now:
What just happened?
Your car's coming along nicely. You're almost there! There are now no more white
areas on your car. You've taken care of it by creaing a blanket cover of grey paint to
hide any transiions.
Have a go hero
You can see from the previous rendering, and probably from your own model, that in several
places the transiion doesn't work yet. These transiions (like the one in the next image) fall
along the lines of SketchUp faces where you decided to paint the front, rear, or side texture.
It's now your job to add extra lines onto your SketchUp model in the best places to join one
texture to another. It's then a mater of trial and error to get your texture to match. The main
idea is to have two adjoining areas of texture that have the grey background color.
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