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Time for action - creating blend areas
You now have all the important elements of the car textured. All you have left to do is make
sure the different views work together properly:
Create a new layer and name it Blend .
Move the Blend layer just above the Background layer in the layer pallet.
Select the Colour Picker tool from the main pallet. Now, select the features as
shown in the next screenshot:
4. Select the layer containing the car bumper, then click on a light area of color on the
bumper as you can see here.
5. Now that you have selected your color, select the Blend layer and select the Fill tool.
6. Click on anywhere in the image to fill the layer with the color you sampled.
Create a blend layer from images
Even beter, ind an image that shows a lat area of paintwork without any
relecions and create a iled image out of it. Make it the same size as your
current image, and Insert this instead of the Blend layer. You learned how to do
all of this in Chapter 5 , Game Levels in SketchUp .
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