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9. Move the rulers to the side of the car and scale a new copy of the image.
10. Move the layer into posiion using the Mercedes logo to center it, and the line of the
bumper to get the height right.
11. Repeat the layer masking process. You should end up with the following:
What just happened?
This is a much more accurate and controlled way of texturing. You've taken discreet elements
of the car photo, resized them, and painted them onto the base drawing. This has allowed
you to retain control over what goes where, and scale the photo much more accurately to
the drawing. The second benefit is that you have a complete image, rather than just one side
of the car.
Have a go hero
Now it's your turn to use this same technique on the side view of your car.
Ignore the wheels. We will be doing those separately later.
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