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Commitment brings rewards
I want to talk to you from the outset about passion and commitment. If you commit to this
book, it will commit to you. If you passionately apply what it tells you, in both the tutorials
and principles discussed, you will find yourself on the road to stardom. It may be stardom in
a small gaming company in your own neighborhood. It may be superstardom both in game
and big screen. Sill, passion and commitment are required for both these outcomes. The
methods shown in this topic are not hard to apply. Best of all, they do not require talent.
The entry level for this profession is reachable, and you can make it. I would liken it to
a brand new Olympic event running for the first year. There aren't many pros out there
because the event is so new. Given that you train for the next four years you are almost
guaranteed a place in your naional team. Do you remember the ilm Cool Runnings ? It's
like that! Once you're in the team you will make what you can of it.
Creaing assets for game and ilm is simply a mater of documening the world around you.
SketchUp gives you the tools to do that. You could spend ten or twenty imes more than
the price of SketchUp Pro and you wouldn't be any beter of. In fact, you'd be worse of in
the long run. Why? Because SketchUp users will create assets ten imes faster than you can
and, before you know it, you will have to start using SketchUp anyway. Here's a quote from
a professional game designer who uses SketchUp. This is Ken Nguyen, a concept arist in the
game and movie industries:
"I can build low and high detailed models (architecture and props) much faster
than someone using for example Maya or Max. Moreover, if the game engine
allows you to upload the models, one can see in a few minutes or hours if the
models work or not, if the sizes are right instead of waiing a day or more for the
models to be finished by a Maya/Max modeler."
There it is from the horse's mouth. What are you waiing for?
Is this topic for me?
If you work (or want to work) in any industry that uses 3D assets, this topic is for you. If you
are an enthusiast, it's for you, too. You can follow everything in here, either on a PC or Mac.
You can do it completely for free with the free version of SketchUp and free file converters.
Best of all, the game engines you'll be using are also free. See the next chapter for more
details about Unity 3D . As well as these obvious industries, web designers are catching
on, too. There will be a large market for asset designers for Google Earth now that you
can explore inside a building as well as outside it. The potenial for replicaing every store,
museum, and park within Google Earth is immense, and so is the possibility for adverising
revenue. Will Google shit their enire search engine into 3D web space? What if it does?
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