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Save a copy of your texture image and load it into SketchUp like you did before. Your car now
updates with the photo texture on the front.
Painting in individual elements
I now want to show you another technique. one that gives you far more control. It also takes
a litle more ime to set up, but you can recoup this ime in the end. This technique is a lot
less frustraing than the previous one, as you might have discovered already!
Time for action - painting over the rear view
1. Start just like before and import your rear view image as a layer. This ime rather
than seing up the rulers to the sides of the car, set them up to the edges of the
lights (on the orthographic drawing).
Scale the photo so that the edge of the lights line up with the rulers.
Set up a Layer Mask for the photo layer, and check the box that says Black
(full transparency).
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