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Find a friend in the trade
For the purposes of our tutorial, I found the texture using a third method. I phoned someone
in the car industry at who agreed to allow us to use their photos. Find
their photos on by going to:
sets/ . The photo set you might be paricularly interested in is the 2007 Mercedes Benz
CL63 which bears a striking (if not perfect) resemblance to your SketchUp model. When you
open up the set, you will see a plethora of car views and details. You can download the ones
you need and give credit to the copyright owner in your work.
Time for action
Open your MB_Master.xcf GIMP file
Go to Image ¦ Mode ¦ RGB . This turns the image into a color image.
Go to File ¦ Open as layers and select all your car images. Click on Open .
The images will open as layers in your GIMP project. Hide all of them except the
base layer and the front view.
Drag the front view image under the front view drawing.
Drag from the ruler at the side to create a ruler at each side of the car drawing,
as shown next:
Select the image layer and move it to line up with one of the rulers. Select the
Scale tool and click once on the image.
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