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Finding car images
Finding well photographed car images can be difficult, because you need several views of the
same car. The best thing to do is either get them from professional texturing sites, or
take them yourself.
The manufacturer's website will often contain excellent images, often
including near-Orthographic views, too. Use these to pracice with, but
don't upload them to 3D-Warehouse, even if your car is just one part of
a larger model. These images are copyrighted.
Some websites with car textures
Type car texture into the search box and you'll find hundreds of them for around $5 each.
Taking your own car images
Finding cars to photograph is actually far easier than it sounds; they're everywhere! You
don't need to find a friend with the car you want and ask them for permission. The fact is,
people leave cars lying around all the ime. You'll have the best luck in big parking lots.
Here's how to get some good photos:
• Wait for an overcast day
• Borrow the best camera and telephoto lens that you can
• Find a car that you like, with plenty of space around it
• Stand as far away as possible to take your shots, so that distorion is minimized
• Kneel so that your camera is level with the top of the hood
• Take the front, side and rear views
• Take a few close-ups of the badge, lights, and wheels
When you're done with your texture, you can sell it on TurboSquid, too.
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