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5. If you have a rendering applicaion installed, turn on shadows now and render.
If not, download the ShaderLight free version (
index.php/downloads/try_shaderlight ). Just click on the camera buton
to start rendering.
Creating the car texture from photos
In this secion, you're going to discover how to texture your car. Or, to be more precise,
rediscover what you know. , because, surprisingly perhaps, texturing a car is just the same as
texturing any of the other things you already made. If that wasn't good enough news, then
I can tell you that you already did most of the hard work when you set up the orthographic
views in the first place. All you need to do now is:
1. Open up your original file in GIMP.
2. Find (or take) some photos of your car.
3. Paste them over the top of the line drawings of the front, top, side and back.
6. Stretch them a bit.
7. Smudge them around like you did with the wrench in Chapter 7 , Quick
Standard Assets .
8. Reload the image into SketchUp.
And as if by magic, your textured car will appear!
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