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Before you know it you'll have the car patched up. When you paint the front view
back onto the geometry, it all looks much, much beter.
What just happened?
First, we found the line on the side of the car where the bodywork starts to fold into the
hood. We then drew that line and connected it with the edge of the hood using several lines
made with the Pencil tool into the triangular faces. This filled in the surface between the line
on the hood and the line on the side.
Have a go hero - reinvent the wheel
Now it's your turn. Unhide the side view image and create a wheel on it using the Circle tool,
then project the texture onto it, push/pull , and copy it around the car.
Now that your mesh is all but done, let's take a good look at what you have achieved.
To gain an idea of how good this geometry can really look like, even without texturing,
do the following:
1. Delete the face in the middle of the car.
2. Select the car body and turn it into a component.
3. Copy it and lip the component. Now, sick it back together.
4. Select both and then right-click and select Soten Edges .
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