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This is how you can model anything in SketchUp, no mater how complicated it seems. All you
need to do is draw a line correct in two axes, then move it in the direcion (axis) you haven't
got right yet.
Armed with this knowledge you're now enirely equipped to model's complex organic forms,
namely the rest of this car! But before you do, let's patch up the hole we made just now.
Modeling by hand
There are oten imes when modeling with SketchUp that you have to resort to patching
things up by hand. Patching things can be done quite easily with the Pencil tool.
There is only one rule for this: "Always sick to triangles."
When you select any three points in any space and then join them up, you always get a
flat surface. When you draw lines defining a flat surface in SketchUp, it turns it into a face.
Always draw triangles and you can't go wrong! Do not deviate from this rule to try to
be clever, because you'll probably regret it.
Time for action - applying a car body filler with the pencil tool
1. First, let's draw around the headlight to get rid of that ugly bit sicking up. Follow the
approximate line of the grille and headlight as shown in the following screenshot:
Erase the upper part above your line.
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